Jennifer & Carol O
Binghamton NY

"We were most impressed with Brushes Over Broome! The crew of Kalitto and Mariah were prompt, professional experts who demonstrated great attention to detail. They were friendly, polite, timely, clean and a joy to work with. They were patient answering questions and cleaned up impeccably!! They are the ONLY ONES we will ever hire!! Both Kalitto and Mariah stood out. They worked flawlessly together. Even though we had a bit of a wait, it was well worth it. We would recommend Brushes Over Broome to anyone and everyone in need of a paint job! We will be getting our family room painted in the spring and we ONLY want the dynamic duo of Kalitto and Mariah! They are incredible assets to a wonderful business. We are perfectionists and it take a lot to impress us. Brushes over Broome, Kalitto, Mariah and of course Nicole impressed us! We are lucky to have this professional company, with great attention to detail and a great respect of a client's home as if it were their own in town. Thank you for an incredible job!!!"